The 2013 Sorong To Samarai Petition Campaign In Support of West Papua's Membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)

On this the 9th day in the month of September and year 2013, WE, the rightful inhabitants of Melanesia, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the colonized territory now known as West Papua, demand for the justice and observance of human rights in Melanesia.

NOTING, that this petition is authored by theMelanesian Unified Front for West Papuan Self-Determination (MUF) is an amalgamated group, politically organized to raise awareness on the plight of Melanesians in West Papua. The petition is supported by Melanesians and other concerned persons, who wish to seek justice on behalf of Melanesians in West Papua.

RECOGNIZING, that West Papuans are endowed with inalienable rights and they MUST BE guaranteed the human dignity, material security and peace of mind that all civilized societies aspire for. We call on the duly mandate Government of Papua New Guinea, and the sovereign Parliament of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea to address forthwith the TWO core issues presented below. These issues are in the national interest of PNG and its obligations as an independent Melanesian State and a member of the global community. We call on:

PETITION AGENDA # 1:  Members of Parliament in the 9th Parliament of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea exercise their freedom of conscience to vote on a motion of Parliament supporting the cause of West Papuan self-determination. This motion on the floor of Parliament will be a domestic commitment by PNG to the agendas recently proposed in the MSG MOA in October, 2013 in Noumea, Kanaky

Recognizing the sovereignty of PNG’s Parliament as the highest law-making entity in the Independent State of PNG, whose representatives are duly mandated by the people of PNG, a conscience vote on the status of West Papua will signal PNG’s genuine interest in the plight of Melanesians in West Papua. PNG MUST take a leadership role in promoting greater awareness on the plight of West Papuans. Moving a motion on the floor of PNG’s highest law-making arena, and allowing individual MPs to vote on the subject of West Papuan self-determination will gauge the level of support amongst PNG’s parliamentarians for West Papua’s long-term status. 

PETITION AGENDA # 2: Members of Parliament in the 9th Parliament of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea exercise their freedom of conscience to support the West Papuan inclusion as a member of the sub-regional Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)

Consistent with international treaties articulating the fundamental human rights of peoples and nation, ISSUE # 2 reinforces the need for West Papua to engage with its Melanesian neighbors as a formal member of the MSG. Rights-based treaties such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights provide standards for civilized societies. West Papuans are distinctly Melanesian and Pacific Island peoples. Their historical, cultural and social connection is Melanesian in orientation.  Formal membership of MSG by West Papua is crucial. MSG membership will enable West Papuans to freely participate in expressing their identity and existence as a Melanesian people.

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