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Let West Papua be Free,
By:  Peandui Culligan.
   Mount Hagen,
Western Highlands Province,
 Papua New Guinea
Coming from Mount Hagen, in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, sharing the eastern land mass of the island of New Guinea my heart bleeds for my West Papuan brothers and sisters of Melanesia, whom have been suffering in my lifetime; whilst I enjoy, savouring a superficial freedom with standards and parameters for development set by the colonial powers that were.
My conscience had been troubled after Papua New Guinea got Independence and there were teams of West Papuans fleeing their homes to Papua New Guinea. My curiosity was aroused about their plight but when the newly Independent country’s Government, fearing invasion by Indonesian army succumbed to rumours of such, I let my young conscience hibernate.
At the age of 56 years, I cannot continue to pretend that all is well on the other half of the island of New Guinea, therefore I must shout from my humble mountain hamlet to all interested people of the world, that my Melanesian brothers who have been suffering under Indonesian rule, continue to suffer atrocities unimaginable and inhuman that the world must know.
Melanesians are an ancient race like any other race of people anywhere else in the world. Archeological recordings have established my people to be first farmers dating back 3,000 plus years. The island of New Guinea has over 1,076 languages and thousands of tribes.  
Land ownership and land user rights vary from tribe to tribe as the tribes have their own peculiar customs of land tenure.
The encroachment by colonial powers that were, the Dutch claiming the Western half, the Germans claiming the Northern quarter and the British claiming the Southern quarter of the Eastern half have done so without any due care to the rightful landowners. The landowners have been regarded as primitive savages according to their perceived parameters for development. Standards they set for themselves.
Without any regard to the inhabitants they carved up the island of New Guinea on paper cutting families and tribes into their territories.
The island of New Guinea has been carved up without any consultations with the thousands of tribes. Neither have they been given the benefit of any form of agreements to lay claim to their lands as territories of some distant ruler.
That legacy has been exploited by another foreign people. This time by Indonesia claiming the Melanesian to be Javanese and Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea the Eastern of half of the island of New Guinea tolerating this modern day colonization of West Papua. 

The Dutch, the British and the Germans must take on fight to free West Papua from Indonesia to decide her own future.
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