Free WestPapua!

Peandui Culligan | Photo Siwa
Continuing my call to the world from my mountain hamlet in Papua New Guinea I have been questioning myself about the actions of the United States of America and its ally Australia which is closest to West Papua.

If dignity of the “human being”, is the cause they are fighting for in recent history by sending military intervention forces to Iraq and Afghanistan, then I question the basis and motivational forces that give rise to these two great countries to use their military muscle when they cannot twitch a muscle on West Papuan Freedom where Indonesia forcefully claims sovereignty.

 The West Papuans have been crying for 50 years.

Along what distinctive lines of being human do these two great countries form their Foreign Policies is a question I ponder?

The Iraqis were killing their own people similar to that experience in Rwanda or in Afghanistan.
Unlike apartheid in past South Africa, Indonesia’s presence in West Papua and claims of sovereignty over part of the Island of New Guinea, inhabited by Melanesians for thousands of years without consent from this Indigenous people should not be continued in this day and age.

The United Nations’ De Colonization Committee should not remain mum over the issue of Melanesians desire to be FREE to determine the future their country.

Melanesians identify themselves with land, and land cannot be traded without consensus from all members of a particular language or tribal group. Nothing to this effect is recorded of the island of New Guinea being bought or consented to become a territory of any colonial power as occurred in New Zealand between Great British Royalty and the Maori. Recognition of the Waitangi Accord was done quite recently.

 Portions of land may have been sold and bought, that commercial aspect had no consequences on tribal sovereignty over their fluid traditional boundaries.

 Australia has made amends to its Aboriginal people, and, recently and the current government has provided a political voice and office.

My call in support as a fellow Melanesian is, for Papua New Guinea to make a stand and request through diplomatic channels for the Netherland Government, the British and the German Governments to make amends by raising the West Papua issue in the European Parliament composite of former colonial powers.

The world must not turn a blind eye as it did to Rwanda.

 The powerful countries must define genocide of a people not based on economics, race, creed or colour for the dignity of mankind.

The naive definition of Rwandan genocides exposed during the proceedings of human rights abuses by the International Court of Justice that the US issued must not continue for the West Papuans.
The explicit atrocities exposed by the electronic media melted my heart to tears for my fellow beings suffering such extremes.

I will continue my call until the world responds and frees West Papua from modern day colonialism.

Mount Hagen,
Western Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea.
17th October, 2013,
To continue...

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