Tribal Leader Reclaims Sorong to Samarai as Ancestral Land


City Hall POM | Photo : Siwa
For 50 years Indonesia has silenced our voices. Today we are trying to tell our story to the world. We are asking people and Governments around the world to support the Melanesian in West Papua at every political and diplomatic forums and levels; MPs from different parliaments have formed the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) and are pushing their government to recognize West Papua’s rights to self-determination. And Lawyers also formed the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) We are asking everyone to listen to our story and support this struggle for freedom, peace and dignity says West Papua Independence Leader and Chairman of Koteka Tribal Assembly (DeMMAK) Mr. Benny Wenda in Parliament House, Port Moresby recently.

Year 2013 has marked 53 years for West Papua under Indonesian colonialism and occupation. To commemorate this anniversary, the worldwide movement (flag rising ceremony) on 1st December 2013 has taken place in West Papua, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Island, Vanuatu, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Guyana, Hawaii, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea to support West Papua self-determination.
In Papua New Guinea it was campaigning more than a month earlier. The Co-founder of Free West Papua Campaign Mr. Benny Wenda were in the country in collaboration with PNG based advocates, PNG Politicians and Lawyers, international experts and International Musician and Artist for West Papua joining hand to hand campaigned in PNG more than a month to seek support from brothers and sisters in eastern part of this island of New Guinea. Mr. Benny Wenda stated that from Sorong to Samarai is my ancestor land. No more Sabang to Merauke as Indonesia has claimed but it is Sorong to Samarai and I reclaim it back as my ancestral land.
Together with this on 27th November, 2013 at Main Lecture Theater University of Papua New Guinea, NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop, LLB, LLM and MP was awarded John Rumbiak Human Rights Defender Award for his dedication for the human rights avocation and his life time loyalty campaign for West Papuan aspiration to self-determination under Indonesian colonialism and occupation on this new era.
On 28th November, 2013 was held International Parliamentarians for West Papua regional meeting at Parliament house, Waigani. It was attended by government ministers, prominent lawyers and high ranking PNG government officials. International Lawyers for West Papua, Ms. Jennifer Robinson and Mr. Benny Wenda attended the meeting to brief PNG MPs towards West Papuan rights to self- determination under international law or legal argument for West Papua under international law. Mr. Benny Wenda also gives talk on this event and seeks PNG government support for this cause to national and international level. On this event also presented Gabagaba Declaration to the Government of PNG.
1st December, 2013 was celebrated by walk for freedom and rising up the Morning Star Flag at City Hall and officially launched the Office of Free West Papua Campaign – PNG by Hon. Powes Parkop, MP and Mr. Benny Wenda. This office is lead by Mr. Fred Mambrasar as Chairman of Free West Papua Campaign in PNG. This historical event was attended and witnessed by Papua New Guinea’s high ranking official, Churches, Lawyers, Students Union, SRC President of UPNG, Academicians Lawyers, Politicians, PNG women in Politics, youths, NGOs, CBOs and General Publics.  And it also was attended and witnessed by representing from various elements of struggle; WPNA, WPNCL, FNMPP, GARDA, KNPB, PNWP, STUDENTS, FWPC and NFRPB.
But unfortunately end on this event Mr. Fred Mambrasar, Mr. Tonny Fofoe and Mr. Patrick Kaiku were arrested by PNG Police without clear charge but it seems to be like the involvement of Indonesian government pressure to suppress PNG government towards worldwide movement for Free West Papua campaign.

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